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Current Series

I'm currently working on three primary series of paintings:

Shields, Imagined Systems, and Glyphs. Described below... 

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Shields are composed of colors and shapes drawn from nature and architecture overlaid harmoniously. Each “pass" at the painting is accompanied by a resting period which can last hours, days, weeks or years. Shields can be seen as the colored portion of an ‘Imagined System’.


15" X 30"




Imagined Systems are typically my idea of a perfect place. Everything flows together; diverse colors and shapes are in harmony. Buildings, people, rivers, roads, machines and plants are interconnected. Imagined Systems subtly remind viewers that we humans, in all our diversity, are also interconnected. I show tension, explosive energy, and chaos as well as harmony, stability and repetition. These opposing forces serve to energize the work and hopefully viewers as well.


30" X 22"

Watercolor and India Ink


Glyphs are India ink or pencil drawings that can be seen as the skeleton of an Imagined System. (Just add paint)

The Brig or Duck

24 x 18 in.

India Ink on Paper on Panel



Give me a call if you want to know more about my work - (360) 531-2708 (Pacific Timezone)