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Please text, call, or email me to talk with me about my work or with any questions you may have about purchasing. (36O) 53l-2708 or mike@mikebiskup.c0m (I'm in the Pacific Time Zone) If you see something of mine on Instagram, in a gallery, in a friends house, etc... It might be for sale. Give me a ring and ask. :) 

Payment: Checkout via the cart on this site with a credit card or PayPal, mail me a check, or send money directly via PayPal using my link: paypal.me/MikeBiskup


Satisfaction Guaranteed: All purchases of original paintings start with a seven day approval period, within which you may return your purchase if you are not completely satisfied for any reason.


Visit My Studio: I'm in Port Townsend, WA. Call me to set up a studio visit. I love visitors! (Plus, I undoubtedly have the largest collection of original Mike Biskup paintings anywhere!)


Shipping: I generally ship items within a day or two of your purchase via Priority Mail. Feel free to contact me if you'd rather buy a piece without a shipping fee, and pay for shipping after the exact amount is known based on the size and weight of the item and your location. Thanks!

Prices: My prices are based mainly on size and sometimes the amount of time invested in creating the piece. Some of them are negotiable. Email, text or call me if you see something you really want, but can't afford. Payments are also possible. Rentals too. Ask me! :)


Materials Notes:


Paper: Fabriano Artistico and Arches, acid free, 140lb. I stretch wet paper over wood panels which makes something like a paper 'canvas' to paint on. Artwork is isolated from wood panels with neutral ph polypropylene film that is sandwiched between the panel and paper. No more wavey watercolors. :)


Paints and Ink: I use Windsor and Newton, Sennelier,  M. Graham and Holbein watercolor paints. I also make paint myself using natural earth pigments gum arabic and honey. These paints are archival, extremely lightfast and totally non-toxic. Many historically important pigments are still available today as they have been for as long as humans have been crushing rocks to make colors. Ink is Speedball Superblack permanent ink. All my pieces have superior fade resistance. (All original art is best hung out of direct sunlight) 


Varnish: For framed pieces, I seal paintings with Gamblin Cold Wax Medium. This adds a very thin layer of bees wax (not visible) on top of the painting which permanently seals it. This allows gentle dusting and eliminates the need for glass.


Frames: I build my own frames in my woodshop. Woods include Western Red Cedar, Poplar, Cherry, Oak, etc etc.  

If you ever have a question about or problem with a painting or frame, please contact me and I will be happy to help. I am very committed to creating archival, non-toxic, artworks and frames of the highest quality which are built to last a lifetime.