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Hyperbole Exit Strategy - Coloring Book

Hyperbole Exit Strategy - Coloring Book

It’s a coloring book! 
8 1/2 x 11” 
85 pages.


Join Wolf, Savion, Menos, and everybody else on their imperiled planet as they plan and execute the Hyperbole Exit Strategy. This is an uplifting tale highlighting how the conscientious efforts of a few individuals can make a BIG difference.

- Great paper for colored pencils 
- Thick lined drawings make your coloring particularly relaxing, enjoyable and fruitful. 
- Story is appropriate for all ages. (Prehistoric, protozoic, paranoic, etc.) 
- There are a goodly number of empty pages in the back for your own doodles.

- - - 
"I am inspired by your work. I bought a copy of your coloring book and just LOVE the story. As well as the illustrations." - Vinnie S. - Seattle, WA. 
- - -

You may also order a copy WITH one of the signed, original drawings on board! Ask me. :)

- - -  

Send me photos of your favorite colored pages and I'll share them with my social network friends!

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