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Bazaar Girls Print Rack ($20 - $75)

Bazaar Girls Print Rack ($20 - $75)

In the hall of the main store, you'll find my Print and Card Rack.


From my Card and Print Rack... You can:

1. Purchase cards by taking them to the register in the shop.

2. Purchase Prints right here from my online store.


Once you have selected a print you'd like to purchase, simply choose the price of the print where it says "select". You may put multiples in your cart to purchaase more than one. Then make your purchase from your phone, show a Bazaar Girls staff member that you've paid, and you're good to go! Thank you so much! - Mike


Greeting Cards in this rack may be purchased at the Bazaar Girls in store checkout.


This portal is set up only for Bazaar Girls Print Purchases. No shipping option is available.

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