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The Green Way Sunshine Sunday Social Club

The Green Way Sunshine Sunday Social Club
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After submitting this form, you will receive an email confirmation with clear driving directions to The Green Way in Gardiner, WA. The address is 142 Sunshine Dr, Sequim, WA, 98382. No email?  Contact me!

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The Gilders of The Green Way

The Green Way Sunshine Sunday Social Club

Speaking Freely, Celebrating Nature and Spirit

1st and 3rd Sundays, 3 - 8pm

at The Green Way in Gardiner, WA


Bring Your Own:

  • Food, drink, cup, plate and utensils. Sharing is optional. 

  • Bring pads to be comfortable on The Ground - (A Clean Cement Floor)

or a folding chair if you'd rather.

  • Art Supplies if you like making things.

  • Musical instruments, voice, dancing shoes, etc for DJ David's After Party - Open Music Jam.

We’ll provide: A sheltering roof, Fresh well water,

A simple kitchen to wash up, and Outstanding Ambience. 

All Ages Are Welcome.

Pets are best left home.

The Time Line...

(We are very flexible on this timeline based on our group - Come and go as you see fit!)

3 pm : Art Making, Art Demos, Conversations, Contemplation.

Enjoy Color and Form Together. Bring Your Own Supplies if you'd like to make something in good company. Indoors. Outdoors. Napping OK. Studio Tours and Art Available.

5 pm: Caveman Casual's Comedy Club  - (Or Story Hour)

Issac Jasinski is Caveman Casual - Sign up on the wall for a 10 minute slot to share your stories,

jokes, humorous experiences, and/or non humorous experiences.


6pm: Adventures in Site And Sound with The Gilders of The Green Way

Mike Biskup, Isaac Jasinski and David Challman.​

Live Music, Space Rock, Groove Tunes, 

Lounge, Classic Recordings, Dancing, Relaxation Stations.

7:30pm: Father Michael's Fireside Philosophy

Mike Biskup is Father Michael -  A Time Traveling Mystic and Caretaker of The Green Way.

8:00pm​​​: Closing Words. Goodbyes.

8:30pm - 10:00pm: DJ David's After Party

Open Music Jam for Musicians, Dancers, and Listeners.

See You Here!

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