The Green Way - With Border

The Green Way - With Border

High quality, giclée reproduction on heavyweight archival matte paper. Printed on demand and shipped to you directly from the printer. I ordered myself a sample of this print to check the quality and it looks great!


If for any reason you're not satisfied with the print quality, email me and I will credit your purchase price toward anything else in my store. 


There are two versions of this print. One includes the wooden frame I built for it, the other does not. The version without the frame is here...

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I've been a gardener since I was very young. This piece expresses my everlasting love for plants, nature and God/Dess. I live in a plant world as I move through Earth, and I love it!


This original of this piece is currently on my wall at home. It is Watercolor and Pencil. Sealed with beeswax. Frame hand built by myself. The wood for the frame comes from a 100 year old cedar tree that had become a hazard in my neighborhood. My wife Laura and I decided we would like to enjoy it for a while before it is sold. That may change at any time. Contact me at if you're interested in purchasing it when it becomes available.