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Fort Wonder Ideas for Fort Worden

Fort Wonder PDF JPG Version.jpg

Fort Wonder's Magic Mountain - 2015

In May of 2015 my parents moved to Port Townsend and asked me to paint a picture of our area in my colorful, fun style to hang in their new home Uptown. More than a decade of living in beautiful Port Townsend had filled my mind with images which flowed easily and quickly onto my watercolor paper... A tall ship and sailor at port, Victorian houses and downtown buildings, the paper mill, a freighter, Mt. Rainier, a flock of airplanes and birds, tall trees, an orca and salmon, etc, etc...

On the left is Fort Worden, or Fort Wonder - as I like to call it. A hill covered in colorful buildings, flags flying, cannons and bunkers, sand castles and kids. I imagine this prominence to be a wellspring of artistic energy exploding upward and outward, raining down perpetually on the people of Port Townsend, The Olympic Peninsula and beyond... Could this magical hill be the source of our local artist’s creative fervor? — Mike Biskup

(There are longer versions of this story if needed/desired)

Below are a bunch of images I think relate to this project or might be useful in brainstorming. Also these show my process a bit and what kind of images we can pull from. The T-Shirt image is from THING 2019. Many are specifically inspired by Fort Worden - Some made during PTSA board meetings.

At the BOTTOM of this page is a link to my Fort Wonder Art Print product page. My site is set up so that prints are automatically printed and sent to the buyer when a purchase is made. They choose the size, etc. Printful does the fulfillment on these. I use Corvus Crafts for most of the prints I sell locally - They do a great job.

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