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Paintings For BAC 2024
Sizes include frames. I will frame any unframed paintings.
All paintings 2019-2023. (Except one or maybe two)
Heart icon bottom left will count likes for curating.
Pics are low res quick shots - Please ask for any high res for promotions.

Show Title Idea: You and Me after C

Show Concept...An idea that occurs to me about these paintings... Take it or leave it:
In the eye of the storm, and in it's wake... How do we come to terms with the changes we saw unfold and are experiencing now? In some ways it seems, Life is now more online than offline. You and Me looks at what happens when the first ever worldwide event happens and is completely visible instantly on our screens... While these paintings do not directly reflect on anything related to C-19...They were created during and in the following three years. Chaotic, Raw, Unclear, Wandering. I suspect that the images will somehow be relatable to anyone who was there. How did it change your life? Where are You and Me now?

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