The Green Way

Watercolor and Pencil

47 x 36", 2020

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In my paintings, everything flows together. Diverse colors, lines and shapes - People, places, plants and things are woven into one harmoniously functional ecosystem. I want to subtly remind viewers that we humans, in all our diversity, are essentially interconnected, and with thoughtfulness, can function together harmoniously as well.”  — Mike Biskup

Carcinosinum's Magic
Sept 27th - Oct 4th 2021
A Solo Exhibition at PUB Gallery, Peninsula College Port Angeles
Live ZOOM Talk Nov 4th 12:30 - Link for talk will be posted here soon.

Look for me at Mike Biskup's Elevator of Everything at 630 Water St, Port Townsend, WA. I operate the elevator on weekends from 11-5pm, some sunny Fridays and by appointment. Don't miss The Church of Change #437! Winter hours will vary. I hope to see you there! 


Territorial Exposure Mechanism

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Mama Senegal

Mama Senegal

Watercolor and Pencil, 28 x 20" (plus frame)

Cedar frame built by myself.