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The Terra Flynn Project Reproduction

The Terra Flynn Project Reproduction

20 x 16 in. 
Archival Inkjet Print on Watercolor Paper 
Signed, Numbered First Edition* of 100.


To me, 'The Terra Flynn Effect' captures the essence of sunshine, the idea of a rainbow bridge, and the ancient form of the arch. I certainly wouldn't want to limit your perceptions of what this image 'means' or represents. It's wide open to interpretation. The transparent layers of paint come through beautifully in the print (which isn't easy to capture). Call me sensitive, but personally, I get a warm feeling in my heart when I look into it. On your wall, it will please your eyes until the sun goes down each night and when the sun again rises, it will greet you anew.


A thought about healing follows...


I've had some REALLY incredible healing experiences with homeopathy. While considered by most in the US to be quackery, I and countless others worldwide have found it a valuable system of natural medicine. It's hugely popular in many parts of the world because of it's effectiveness and lack of side effects. I could talk your ear off about my experiences with it...I won't.

Anyway, I bring it up because homeopathy is energy medicine. And i've had some insights with it... One night while laying in bed after having an amazing healing experience with Colocynths (Bitter Apple / Bitter Cucumber), it dawned on me, like homeopathy, my paintings can be considered energy medicine. After all, if the energetic pattern of Bitter Melon transferred to water and dripped on a sugar pill could heal my painful leg...why couldn't the energy of my intention, or simply the frequency of light witnessed from a painting be healing in it's own way as well? I believe it can. And I have a hunch that is one of the reasons that Art has been ever-present throughout history.


When I see someone look at one of my paintings and smile, it seems obvious to me that there is some healing in that smile. It could be that the viewer is having a crappy day and the smile that comes with seeing the painting makes the day a little better. To me, that's healing. Very simple, very common, and very real. A flower or sunset can certainly do the same.

So I suggest you hang this on your wall and enjoy the healing. I'm basically channeling this work from deep within myself, or from somewhere outside myself. So consider it a blast or a caress of energy from Nature, God, Goddess, Gaia, The Great Spirit, or any other name for The Great Mystery you'd like. If you simply like the look of the've still hit the nail on the head.


*There may be future editions of this print.


The paper size is 20 x 16 in. The art measures about 15 x 10.5 in.

This will ship flat. Ready to frame.



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