Kamloops 2073 (Tooter Plesimus)

38 x 27 x 2.5"


The Tooter Plesimus is a creature that roams the world attracting discarded stuff to itself. A junk monster. S/He creates a path of harmonious integration in it's wake.

I've been drawing variations on this thing since I was in high school. 

This painting is on paper which is stretched over a panel. The surface is waxed for protection - no glass needed. The frame is poplar and cedar and built by myself in my studio. Ask me about any details via www.mikebiskup.com.


Painting price minus shipping and crating - $3000 Contact me about this price.


I will finalize your price at the time of sale. Contact me for pick up or local delivery price. Thanks for understanding!


    Mike Biskup