A Step Felt in Full - Archival Vector Reproduction

A Step Felt in Full - Archival Vector Reproduction

Available here is a approximately 16 x 20" signed, archival reproduction of the original on paper. I will get more exact and add some other sizes here soon.


Meanwhile, contact me if you'd like a larger size or one on photo paper printed with a rigid backing. Easy to frame!


I've taken a photo of the original painting and converted it into a vector graphic PDF. That means this image can be printed at ANY size and maintain a perfectly crisp clean look. Ask me about how that works and what's possible... Want this on the side of your building? We can print a 48 x 72 ft sticker and your all set! Instant mural! Also - Ask me if you'd like me to build a custom frame for an additional charge.


This painting was created over two months and inculded in an exhibition at Slow Culture Gallery in Los Angeles, 2015. Big Butter's "A Step Felt In Full."  An exhibition of new art and music by Mike & Tim Biskup. Photos above...

This painting is a testament to my commitment to live fully and with integrity to my life mission - "I create a world of beauty and bounty by sharing my Art and Music generously." I began by drawing in black India ink directly on the watercolor paper. After a few days of drawing, I began adding layers of watercolor paint which flow over the ink easily and without altering the permanent waterproof ink. The movement in the painting is of primary importance and captures the flowing and interconnected nature of all life. See the two angels with axes in the middle somewhere? After I painted this, those two came to represent my brother and I slaying the dragon (see it?) of having a career as artists...

Facebook bought the original painting and it hangs in a special spot in one of the many Facebook offices in Redmond, WA. Finished size approximately 58" by 84". 


Below is the info on the plaque next to the painting at the Facebook Office:




Mike Biskup

A Step Felt in Full

Watercolor and India Ink



In my paintings, everything flows together. Diverse colors, lines and shapes - People, places, plants and things are woven into one harmoniously functional ecosystem. I want to subtly remind viewers that we humans, in all our diversity, are essentially interconnected, and with thoughtfulness, can function together harmoniously as well.


When I started this painting, like nearly all my pieces, I began making shapes and lines with no plan. I followed my nose to build an ink drawing on white paper one stroke at a time. The ink drawing is an improvisation. After the ink dried, I spent a month or more adding watercolor paint to the drawing to bring it to life. The title came to me (as my titles do) as I looked at the finished piece. It turns out there are two little people in the center fighting a dragon... I ascribed meaning to those guys. That's me and my brother fighting the metaphorical dragon of our lives as working artists. The dragon is mostly within us.


A Step Felt in Full is a step taken in a state of acute awareness. When we take steps in awareness, is there any limit to what we can accomplish? What kind of stories can you find about your life within this painting?


Thanks for reading!

Mike Biskup



(And thank you Szuszanna!)



    Mike Biskup